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There's Dungeons, there's Dragons. What more could you want?

There's Dungeons, there's Dragons. What more could you want?

Cast your minds back, intrepid adventurers, to ye olde times of 1974 Ano Dominae. Somewhere, in the bowels of a basement in the North-Eastern states of America, Gary Gygax invented the global sensation known as Dungeons & Dragons - and the world was never the same. Ok, so maybe that’s a little sensationalized, but it’s mostly true. He actually invented some other games before that, notably Chainmail (in part), a medieval miniatures game. He then appropriated and altered the rules to suit D&D, and the rest, as they say, is history.


I’ve heard of D&D, but how does it work?

For those who aren’t players of D&D, it’s a pretty elegant and simple concept. A bunch of people get together, one of whom is the elected Dungeon Master, and the rest of the players form a party. The party can be made up of characters of different races, with different skills, and they embark on a quest designed, narrated, and controlled by the Dungeon Master. They guide the party through the invented world, on the chosen quest, and present them with problems, challenges, and dangers to surmount or best. The players must elect to perform an action, then roll a multi-sided dice. The Dungeon master lets them know what score they need to roll higher than to come out victorious in that specific conflict, and if they get it, they gain experience points and level up their characters, lowering the numbers they need to roll in order to win exchanges in the future. If they don’t roll high enough, bad stuff happens.

That sounds… Interesting?

Hey! You know how hard it is to explain D&D in less than 150 words? Very. But, let’s face it, it’s not going to be for everyone. Millions of people the world over play it - and have done since the 70s. And, not surprisingly, with Stranger Things, the Netflix show, having such a great reception, there was a spike in the number of players taking a swing at the proverbial ogre. But, at the end of the day, if you don’t think it sounds fun, then you’re not being forced to play it. It takes a bit of imagination, and a definite proclivity for the fantasy genre as a whole, as well as the willingness and ability to dedicate 4-10 hours to a session, each time. It’s a pretty serious thing for those who play. I know of three groups of people who get together on a weekly basis to play, and they love it. And, honestly, can that many people be wrong? The answer is yes, they can - because otherwise, no one would listen to Justin Beiber - but about D&D? No, they’re not. The game rocks.  

So what are you telling me this for?

Because you should try it. And, if you already play it, then that’s great too - because we’ve got some ace D&D tops and tees, just for you!

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