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The Top 3 MCU Moments from SDCC 2019

The Top 3 MCU Moments from SDCC 2019

We knew that when Marvel didn’t have a panel at Hall H at 2018’s SDCC, we were in for a doozy this year, and as Quicksilver says, “What, you didn’t see that coming?”

No. No I did not, and I almost feel violated by the sheer awesomeness of what transpired. Phase 4 has officially landed, and I’m still picking up the pieces of my exploded brain.

After picking up my shattered expectations and reality, I’ve put together what I think are the most daring & exciting projects coming from Marvel.

3. What If…?

Now for those of you who aren’t die-hard Marvel comics fans, that’s okay. Luckily, I have been collecting comics since I was 10, and am here to enlighten you on how epic this truly is.

The “What If…?” series is a re-imagining of serios past Marvel events, asking hard, interesting questions such as, “What if Thanos killed Thor instead of Loki in the beginning of Infinity War?”, “What if Doctor Strange didn’t give over the time stone to Thanos?”, or the glaringly obvious, “What if Thanos truly won?”

Of course this list is speculation, but it’s really exciting to see Marvel take this creatively risky step forward. This will be streamed as a show on Disney+ and will be animated, but our favorite MCU actors and actresses will return as voice characters.

2. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

We’ve been teased with the multiverse across the past few MCU films; Wong casually dropped its existence in Infinity War, the Ancient One again with the casual drop in Doctor Strange, and more recently with Mysterio in Far From Home. Buckle up boys & girls, it’s time to go full acid trip this time around.

Having an entire movie dedicated to the Multiverse is an incredibly ballsy move on Marvel’s part. This is basically saying that they have such a large & dedicated fanbase that they believe they won’t confuse movie-goers with introducing warped elements into an established timeline; it’s been rumored that we’ll even see a classic, white Nick Fury.

It’s also been rumored that Scarlet Witch will be joining Strange on this journey, which I’ve been hoping for since I heard they were making a Strange movie. Dr. Strange & Scarlet Witch are some of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, and we are finally getting a movie where we get to see their powers fully unleashed.

1. Blade

The new casting is spot on, but this is the most interesting addition for me personally due to 1 glaring issue; vampires are now canon in the MCU. How are they going to explain or retcon this? I mean, vampires are kind of a big deal, right?

My theory is that the Multiverse movie will seriously mess up our dimension, therefore adding vampires to the MCU, and subsequently Blade. Or, they could write it off as they really have been hiding this well all along. I’m leaning more towards the Dr. Strange movie somehow introducing the bloodsuckers into the MCU, but either way I trust the writers to make sense of it.

Maybe this could also somehow be the way they introduce mutants…


It took me hours to pick my top 3 moments, I’ll probably write a few other blog posts going over their other amazing announcements.

What were your favorite announcements from SDCC? Let me know in the comments!

Author / MCU Fanboy
Anime Ape


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