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The Latest Rise of Skywalker Fan Theory Explains Evil Rey

The Latest Rise of Skywalker Fan Theory Explains Evil Rey

Finally, we'll get a Star Wars movie that isn't a rehash of the original trilogy.. hopefully... that isn't as bad as The Last Jedi... hopefully...

Anyways, the latest trailer that shows Rey supposedly going to the dark side is admittedly pretty badass. If you haven't seen the shot yet, here's a still from the trailer. You're welcome.


As you can see, Rey undoubtedly looks like she's succumbed to the dark side, with a lightsaber that's even more badass than Kylo Ren's and an update of Darth Maul's. 



Recently, a Reddit user that claims to be a reliable source with a pretty solid track record has released some intriguing details about Rey's path in the upcoming Star Wars flick.

Essentially, Kylo Ren learns that Anakin's virgin brth was a direct result of Palpatine experimenting with the Force, and he can possess beings with the Force, which is the secret to his immortality. Rey arrvies to challenge Kylo & is defeated when Palpatine intervenes. Rey is captured and Kylo turns to the the Resistance. 

I'll let the Reddit user wrap up the rest:

"She has a Darth moniker and was turned to the Darkside after being tortured. Sidious informs him that the Skywalker lineage was a mistake because it was corrupted with weak lightside midi-chlorians and that Rey was his latest experiment. Rey was created by Sidious as a new Force-being, as Anakin failed and that explained her powers, as she was a new "Anakin." In Sidious's opinion the Skywalker family was a mistake which needed to be eradicated. Now, wielding a double bladed lightsaber, fight Kylo. Kylo will toss the red crossguard for Anakin's lightsaber and fights Rey in the Star Destroyer."


It's alot to take in, I know, but doesn't it sound great? A departure from the typical Star Wars copy/paste plot would be excellent in my opinion.


What do you think about this plot twist? Is J.J. Abrams jumping the midi-chlorian shark?

Let me know in the comments!

Anime Ape

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