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Rick & Morty's 5 Funniest Moments (So Far)

Rick & Morty's 5 Funniest Moments (So Far)

Buckle up bitch!

We all love the iconic grandpa-grandson duo that blasted onto our screens a few years back, and even though the show is only three seasons in, there's still some pretty memorable and hilarious moments we can *booouurp* look back on.

 5. The Glitch


In this episode, Rick & Morty find themselves trapped in a simulation inside of a simulation when aliens abduct them to try and steal Rick's secrets.

Of course, Jerry gets abducted accidentally as well, and to save computing power, they lower the fidelity of Jerry's section, causing all kinds of hilarious glitches that turn into YES running gags.

4. Rick's Sacrifice

In the season 2 opener, Rick, Morty, and Summer have to try and merge all of their timelines to fix the time stream. Summer successfully merges hers, but Rick has to sacrifice himself to save Morty.

After praying to God and getting lucky, Rick merges him timeline by finding his time collar floating in space. Once he successfully merges his timelines, he of course tells God to shove it, claiming his own ingenuity for saving the day.

3. Rick Doesn't Care About PC Culture

Rick is examining a cursed microscope given to him by Satan when Morty brings attention to a word that isn't exactly politically correct.

He has a brief discussion with Morty explaining that he doesn't have time or patience to deal with making others uncomfortable because of simple words, and kind of slaps the audience in the face with simple logic.

2. Where Are My Testicles, Summer?

If our pets could talk, what would they say?

Thanks to one of Rick's inventions, the family dog gains massive intelligence and the ability to speak, and somehow develops an army of super smart & mechanically weaponized dogs. 

The results are of course hilarious, and leaves us with the now infamous tagline, "Do not call me that. Snuffles was my slave name."

1. Pass the Butter

Some of the simplest jokes tend to be the most memorable, as is the case with the pass the butter shtick.

Rick builds a tiny robot with A.I. with the sole purpose of passing butter. When the robot asks and finds out it's one true purpose, the subsequent 'Oh my God' is ridiculously funny.


Wubba lub dub, thanks for reading and stay tuned for our weekly blog posts all about your favorite fandoms, with exclusive deals and giveaways sprinkled in sporadically.

Anime Ape

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