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Attack on Titan | Burning Questions That Need Answering

Attack on Titan | Burning Questions That Need Answering

With the news being released that AOT will end next year with Season 4, my heart broke. But more importantly, I got super anxious - there are so many complex plot threads that need to be wrapped up! Can they really complete this epic saga in 4 seasons, or will they pull a Game of Thrones?...

Either way, these questions NEED to be answered, or else I'll probably just bitch for a few weeks then forget about it. 

Spoilers below, obviously.


Will the Subjects of Ymir Wage War?


In Season 3, it was revealed that the source of all of the Titan attacks are the Marleyeans, a group of humans with Titan powers that want the oil deposits underneath Eren's home.

After learning that they have been specifically targeted for so many years and knowing where they live, will the Scouts and the rest of Paradise Island's military switch gears and take the offensive?


Who is the Ninth Titan and Where Is S/He?


FINALLY, the Titan's origins were revealed this season. We learned that Ymir Fritz made a deal with someone or something for Titan powers, and passed her powers to 13 disciples upon her death. Their powers were passed onto others, but we've only seen 12 powers in the anime.

So this means that there's someone hiding their Titan powers, or one of the current Titans has a power they're hiding. Either way, this reveal is going to be amazing, and I'm betting on Mikasa.


Will Ymir Make a Surprise Comeback?


Ymir's death was sort of eluded to, but not shown on screen, and us anime fans know that if you don't see a character die explicitly and violently, they're probably still alive.

Her character is one of the most interesting and complex on the show, so to send her off without a big bang or finale doesn't seem fitting.

I personally think she's the face behind the bars in the Season 4 teaser, but who knows...




What questions do you have? I couldn't contain all of mine into a blog post or else I would be here for days.

Let me know in the comments!

Anime Ape


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