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Attack On Titan - Back for Season 3!

Attack On Titan - Back for Season 3!

If you’re an Anime fan, then you’ve probably seen it. But, even if you’re not, Attack on Titan has become a bit of a household name. It was once described to me as ‘skinless giants that eat people attacking walled in cities for no reason, basically’, and I just thought - damn, now that sounds like something I want to watch.

The Origins of a Species

Now, what became a global sensation as an Anime, didn’t start out that way. Attack on Titan is the brainchild of Hajime Isayama, a Manga artist and writer. He likely never thought that, what started out as a humble one-shot in 2006, would become what it has today. In the following three years, he developed and fleshed out the story, and then took it to the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in 2009. In 2010, the work was collected into the first volume, and from there, it only picked up speed. Volume 22 was published in April 2017, and the Manga, in September 2016 broke 60,000,000 global sales. Yeah, that’s sixty million. In fact, it was popular, that it’s one of two mangas with an issue ever to be commissioned for an initial print run of more than 2,000,000 copies. The only other one was One Piece. Volume 13 was even commissioned for an initial run of 2,750,000.

The Dawn of an Era

Since its creation, Attack on Titan has spawned spin-off mangas, novels, animes, movies, and even a live-action adaptation. But, it’s probably the main anime that you know the best, so let’s talk about that. It was 2013 when we first saw Attack on Titan rampage onto the small screen. It came courtesy of Wit Studio, a subsidiary of IG Port, who were the result of a merger between Mag Garden, a prolific Manga publisher, and Production I.G, the studio behind titles like Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex, Windy Tales, Idaten Jump, Blood+, Ghost Hound, Blade of the Immortal, and Sands of Destruction - to name a few. Wit Studios’ first project, Attack on Titan, was an instant success and garnered a second season, as well as several compilation movies. A third series has been announced - so there’s that to look forward to.



The Act of Self Destruction

Why people are obsessed with trying to make manga into live-action movies and series, I don’t know. I mean, American comics are a little different - the Marvel and DC movies (most Marvel), have been great. But when it comes to anything from Japan, it just turns out terribly (especially when it’s done by American companies). Avatar. Dragonball. Ghost in the Shell. You can’t see, but I’m shivering right now.   And, in Japan, they seem even more hell-bent than us on trying to turn their anime and manga into live-action series and movies. Attack on Titan wasn’t bad, but it was a far cry from good. The things they can create in Anime far exceed what translates to screen, and I honestly don’t know why the creators of these series don’t put their foot down. Maybe it’s the money? It has to be, right - what other option is there?

The Next Attack

With the anime coming back for a third season, we’re all excited, and relieved that the live-action offshoot has derailed what continues to be an excellent series. We look forward to it with high hopes, firstly that it will persist forever, and secondly, that they stop making live-action adaptations. I mean, who are they for, honestly?   If you love Attack on Titan as much as we do, check out these awesome tops and tees!