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8 Bit Revolution - 6 Excellent Gamer Tees and Tops to Satiate Your Inner Geek

8 Bit Revolution - 6 Excellent Gamer Tees and Tops to Satiate Your Inner Geek

Gaming has come on leaps and bounds in the last forty years. What started as a humble group of pixels and boops has now evolved into a nigh indistinguishable-from-reality experience. With VR, immersive gameplay, and graphics that continue to exceed expectations, we’re moving at a faster pace than ever before. But, it’s important to remember our childhoods, when things were simpler, but no less fun. Franchises have come and gone. Some have lasted the test of time, others hand withered into history. But, it’s nothing to be sad about, because they’ll always live on, in our hearts, and in our minds.   So, what we did was round up five awesome gaming tops, just for you.

Legend of Zelda Tee Top

Pocket Link Legend of Zelda Tee Collection

Few franchises have enjoyed the longevity and continued success that the Legend of Zelda series has. With 22 games in the series, it’s the 20th best selling series franchise of all time with 80 million copies having been sold across all platforms. Now, that may not sound like much, but when compared to franchises like Mario, Pokemon, and Call of Duty, it’s not half bad! This somewhat understated top is the perfect balance of fanboy and fashionable, is actually something that you can wear day to day. It’s cool, right?

Street fighter Tee

Ken Ryu Academy Street Fighter Tee Collection

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve got lots of memories way back when of staying up late with friends, and playing Streetfighter into the early hours of the morning. I’ve also got memories of people getting into trouble in school for yelling Hadouken, and then swiftly kicking each other when they failed to blast their opponent with their ranged attacks. This tee brings the retro classic into the modern day with a cool academy style design. And, if you do want to work up a sweat, it comes in a hoodie too.


Pikachu streetfighter top

Electric Types Fight! Street Fighter Tee Collection

A throwback, this shirt brings two famous video game characters into contention. Blanka vs. Pikachu. Who would win? Blanka has a bit of a mixed history. In the Japanese version, his green skin is attributed to his need to blend into a jungle environment. In the American version, it’s a byproduct of getting struck by lightning. I’m not sure which to believe, or whether it really matters. But, if you want to be able to [mildly] wow someone with your obscure video game knowledge, now you can. You’re welcome.


Challenger Approaching Super Smash Bros Tee Collection

Smash Bros is something I still play. It’s a great game that everyone can get in on, though it does get a little difficult to see who you’re playing as. This top brings together one of the most famous messages that appears on screen when a new character enters the arena. Super Smash Bros was one of the original big crossover games, published by Nintendo, which brought together the most well known characters from other games published on its console. It came from a simpler time, when consumer enjoyment was the main focus, not blowing other consoles and publishers out of the water. Ah, those were the days.

Save Gas Ride a Chocobo Final Fantasy Tee Collection

Would any list of gamer tops and tees be complete without Final Fantasy? I for one, think not. Published way back in 1987, Final Fantasy was the brainchild of Hironobu Sakaguchi. Never heard of him? I’m not surprised. He’d not put his name to anything of note before, really, and when it came to Final Fantasy, it was to be his last ditch attempt at making a worthwhile game. The name spawned from his feelings towards it, that it would be his own Final Fantasy, before he hung up his Nintendo for good and went back to university. Luckily for him, it gained traction, spawned a global sensation and went on to forge a path along which no less than fifteen games in the main series, and more than twice as many spin-offs, remakes, ports, and adaptations. Following the success of FF, Sakaguchi stayed with the series, directing the first five games, and staying on as a producer for the following four before stepping away in a creative capacity altogether. Talk about a swan-song!

Team Rocket Tee Pokemon Shirt Collection

As a kid, you hate Jesse and James. But, as you grow older, and enter into your own workplace and face the stresses that all adults do, you begin to realise that they’re just trying to get by. They’re broke, starving, and on the verge of being fired. They haven’t slept in a decent bed for years, and their mandate is to chase kids across the country and steal a damn Pikachu! Talk about getting the short end of the stick. And on top of that, they’ve got a list of approved pokemon they can use? What’s that about? It’s basically Koffins, Grimers, and Zubats. As if there weren’t enough Zubats in Mt Moon and Rock Tunnel! Jeez, you just can’t get away from them. With 151 Pokemon to choose from, I never understood why everyone had to have a damn Zubat.   So, that’s it, for this time. Our top picks of excellent gaming tees and tops, from Zelda to Zubat, from Streetfighter to Smash Bros. But, if nothing takes your fancy, fear not, because let’s face it - you’re kinda spoilt for choice!