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5 Questions We Have After the Game of Thrones Finale

5 Questions We Have After the Game of Thrones Finale

The last season of Game of Thrones left fans divided more than the series finale of Lost or Dexter. Yeah, I went there.

I could easily make this blog post 30+ questions, but honestly, nobody would read that.

So here are my 5 top picks for the biggest questions I have after the Game of Thrones series finale. This is not a list of gripes, but moreso a list of curiosity-driven questions that leave our creative minds to come to our own conclusions.




Okay, I'm kidding. But seriously tho... BRAN?!


5. Where Did Drogon Take Dany's Body?




There are hundreds of theories floating around where Drogon took the Dragon Queen's body. Both the show and books state that dragons are intelligent creatures, perhaps even more intelligent than humans.

Having that said, maybe Drogon took Dany's body to one of the Red Priestesses in hopes of resurrecting her? That would give that additional red woman from Season 6 (7?) some sort of significance. Or, maybe Drogon took her North of the Wall, and she becomes the Ice Dragon Queen...


4. Could Jon Snow Have Handled That Ice Dragon's Flame?




I honestly didn't read the books, so I'm assuming that GRRM goes deeper into this than the show did. But if he is indeed Targaryen, that means that fire shouldn't harm him.

But what about the Wight Dragon? That would have been awesome to see undead Viserion blast Jon with blue dragon flame only to see Jon still standing after. 


3. Why Didn't Cersei Use Her Wildfire?




As I was watching episode 5, I was certain that at some point Drogon was going to land and wildfire was going to explode under him, a strategic move on Cersei's part. Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad Drogon survived the attack, but I was sure that Cersei would have done more in Season 8 than stand menacingly in the Red Keep.


2. Will Brienne and Tormund Make Big Woman Babies?




Okay, biased opinion here. I've been shipping Brienne and Tormund ever since they met. They are perfect for each other whether Brienne likes it or not.

Plus their babies would be works of art.


1. Will Tyrion Become Clever Again?




I thought for sure Tyrion had some sort of sub-plot up his sleeve after making so many poor decisions the past few seasons.

He was known as the cleverest man in all of Westeros, and previous seasons showed us that. So when this string of bad judgement calls came along, I was personally convinced that he had either a grand master plan or was simply making bad decisions on purpose with the intention of betrayal.

Who knows, maybe he'll smarten up for Bran.


As I said before, this list could go on forever. I'll probably make another blog post writing about all the gripes I had with the last season, but we'll save that for later, let it simmer a bit.

What kind of questions do you have after watching? Let me know in the comments!

Anime Ape

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