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3 Predictions for Marvel's Phase 4

3 Predictions for Marvel's Phase 4

What's goin' on true believers, it's Dan and yes I am still obsessed with the MCU. The SDCC Phase 4 announcements still have me reeling, and my curious mind has been going bonkers.

I remember when Game of Thrones was still alive I would go crazy over predictions and fan theories trying to figure out what the hell was going to happen, and now that that fandom when down in flames, I need to fill that fan theory gap in my life.

Let's go on a little journey into the MCU fandom with some theories I came up with that make logical, story-telling sense... unlike the last season of GOT... fuck you D&D.


Scarlet Witch Will Either Be an Apprentice or Enemy of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


It's been confirmed that the source of the Scarlet Witch's powers came from Power Stone in Loki's scepter, but how exactly they came to be is still a bit of a mystery. The energy blast that come out of her hands as well as the way she shapes her hands to call upon her powers are very similar to the Sorcerer Supreme.

It's also been confirmed that Wanda will be in DS2, but to what capacity is still shrouded in mystery. I personally would like to see her explore her powers more deeply with Strange as an apprentice, and in an unfortunate twist of events having her losing control of her powers and creating this Multiverse of Madness that the movie is based upon.

It's a stretch, I know, but I think this would make for great character development and provide an opportunity for a true demonstration of Wanda's strength.


Blade + Vampires Will Be a Side Effect of the Multiverse


Introducing Blade to the MCU is really an interesting decision, seeing as this confirms the existence of vampires in the MCU for all of these years. With the cutting edge tech of Stark Industries and mystical knowledge of Strange, don't you think someone would have discovered this massive underground organization by now?

The answer is yes, absolutely they would have. So my theory here is that Blade and the subsequent vampires are a direct result of a tear in the Multiverse, or something along those lines. It only makes sense seeing as a threat as large as a cult of vampires would definitely have been discovered by now.


Vision Will Return, But Not Exactly

 In the comics, Vision was killed. I'm not sure how, but I do know that he was "resurrected" in a sense. He is an android after all, so it makes sense. However, his resurrection came with a price; he was devoid of human emotions.

I could definitely see this happening in the future, especially in the upcoming series WandaVision. I don't see the MCU going to the past to tell stories too much seeing as it will dampen the effects of any future character's death. It would be really interesting to see how Wanda deals with her past lover coming back to life without the ability to actually love.


What do you think Kevin Feige and the MCU have up their sleeve for Phase 4?

Let me know in the comments!


Anime Ape

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