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4 Most Satisfying Moments from Game of Thrones

4 Most Satisfying Moments from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is easily one of the best shows of all time. The suspense, character development, and world-building is bar-none.

To break down this masterpiece of a show into a short list of 4 satisfying moments is near impossible, but after my third re-watch of the series, I think I have enough knowledge to be able to compile this list.


4. Jon Snow and Ingrid Gettin It On




There is no shortage of sex in Game of Thrones, but this is one of the few love scenes that actually makes sense and has an impact.

Two star-crossed lovers from opposite cultures and lifestyles slowly but surely fall in love right before our eyes, and the moment they finally consumate their love is a moment that is genuinely heartfelt and meaningful.

3. Everything About Lyanna Mormont




By far the most satisfying, underused, and powerful characters in the entire show is Lady Mormont. From the moment we meet her in season 6, she is a scene stealer with a ferocity like none other.

Having more balls than most of the men on the show, she makes a huge impact on the audience and made us all crave more of the hilarious and stern little giant.

And there was no more heartbreaking death scene in the entire show than the Lady of Bear Island being crushed to death by a literal giant, albeit fitting.


2. A Crown For a King




Witnessing Viserys Targaryen finally get the crown he so desperately craved was certainly satisfying.

Watching a man who sexually assaulted his sister, sold her off to savages, and whinge like a spoiled brat be ironically killed by the very item he so desperately craved was one of the most clever and satisfying deaths of the entire show.

1. Tyrion Finally Getting Revenge on Tywin




Although Tywin was an engaging and understandable character, his treachery against the Starks and his own son is unforgivable. That's why Tyrion shooting him in the chest with a crossbow is my personal most satisfying moment of the entire series.

After a lifetime of ridicule, distrust, and straight up hate from his father, witnessing the clever Lannister get his deserved revenge is as satisfying as it is heartbreaking.


What do you think are the most satisfying moments of this monster show? 

Let me know in the comments!

All men must die,

Anime Ape

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